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Fence Services

Fence Contractors in Rochester, NY

Our team specialize in residential roofing as well as other exterior services including fencing. Explore our fencing options below:


Aluminum fencing

We offer a large selection of grade, colors, and styles for our fencing products, which are all made in the USA. We keep your requirements and budget in mind. Choose from Elite, Plus, or Standard options, or select from our Industrial, Talon, Louvered, and Privacy series. The sleek designs and clean lines of our ornamental aluminum fences will add elegance to any outdoor space.


Chain Link fencing

chain link fence

We have installed hundreds of chain link fences across Monroe County. From backyard chain link, to anti-climb chain link around secured facilities, we can handle any chain link job you have in mind.

Wood fencing

For a classic look that stands the test of time, wood fencing may be your best choice. We offer wood fences in privacy, picket, and rail styles. They can be treated with strain or left alone to turn a natural shade of gray. Our most rot-resistant wood is cedar, with redwood, pine, and hem/fir as other options.

wooden privacy fence

vinyl fencing

white vinyl fence

If you are looking for fencing with minimal maintenance, vinyl fences are a great choice. They do not require painting, sealing or staining, refinishing, or much annual maintenance. Additionally, they do not scratch, rust, rot, attract insects, or expand/contract with weather changes.

The Benefits of Fencing:

Fences not only add real estate value to homes, but there are also a number of other benefits to fencing your yard including: 

Fencing can create a sound barrier

If you live in a busy neighborhood, near a major highway, or near train tracks, privacy fences can block out noises around your home. While they cannot completely eliminate sound pollution, these fences can significantly decrease the sound that reaches your home.

Fencing can eliminate unsightly views

Do you have unattractive properties adjacent to your home? Our vinyl and wood fences are a great solution to maintaining a beautiful enclosure to your property, while eliminating the views of eyesores and unkempt surrounding areas.

Fencing can enhance your home’s security

Protect your property from uninvited visitors, including possible intruders or individuals cutting through your yard. In addition to privacy fences, we offer gate and entry systems with access control.

Fencing can protect your landscaping

If you live in an area with frequent strong wind and rain, a fence can work to protect the landscaping on your property. A wood or aluminum fence can effectively protect your plants, while adding beauty to your yard and home.

Fencing can offer peace of mind

We offer specialty dog fencing and pool fencing to keep your precious family members safe. Fencing your space can also deter unwanted animals from wandering your property.